A selection of our projects:

Liendert - Amersfoort (2018-2019)

The neighbourhood Liendert in Amersfoort started with the use of the liveability effect report (LER). The LER is used in the Liendert to see the effects of liveability of new constructions. The 3DGeoviewer is used to tell where a dentist and supermarket is for example. The website shows the liveability of the neighbourhood based on established norms.

Han-A Urban Research Institute

Han-A from Korea has created several projects in the 3DGeoviewer. One of these projects contains almost ten million square meter of new buildings. Urban developer Yong-Jin Cho is very enthusiastic about the use of the 3DGeoviewer.

Den Haag - LER

After the project for the neighbourhood Bezuidenhout in the Hague, other neighbourhoods want to use the LER to see the liveability effects.

Provincie Zuid-Holland (LER)

The province Zuid-Holland uses the LER to map the liveability on serveral subjects and to see the effects of net residential units.

Bezuidenhout Den Haag (2017-)

For resident committee “Bezuidenhout”, the Hague, StrateGis is developing an analytical tool to scrutinize the effect on liveability of densifying the neigbourhood by adding residential units. Next to an online three dimensional visualisation offered by the 3D Geoviewer residents will easily be able to consult the results in liveability effect reports.

Hatch Homes Apartments (2017-)

For the UK based Hatch Homes Apartments StrateGis is developing a real estate module to be able to design apartment builings and spatial plans online, in 3D and with live calculations. Hatch itself created a unique concept that wil greatly reduce building times, significantly increase the build quality and improve the social outcomes of the process, by building with standard modules and components. StrateGis contributes to speeding up the process with the so called Urban Developer because it’s possible to quickly design different scenario’s and calculate their uitcomes.

De Virtuele Stad - Hilversum (2016-)

For the municipality of Hilversum StrateGis developed an app called ‘The Virtual City’. This is a map of the city which provides the user, being a citizen or a professional, with exactly the data he or she needs. Map data is presented based on personal preferences, location and time of day.

Pilot Street Lighting (2016)

In this pilot for FLX a lighting add-on for the 3D GeoViewer is developed to visualize street lighting and traffic lights in the dark. By using the Unity game engine it’s possible to simulate this lighting on a city level. In the future the GeoViewer will be linked to a management module for Smart Street Lighting.

Underground Tool Brabant (2016)

StrateGis developed a user friendly information tool for the Dutch province called Noord-Brabant. The goal of the tool is to provide easily accessible information about the above and below ground habitat to different users. The province has taken a license on this tool, for which no IT or GIS knowledge is needed

CRM-system Wocozon (2015-2017)

For the company Wocozon StrateGis developed a CRM (Customer Relation Management)-system. In the system the installation of solar panels, tenants, and maintenance of the panels is registered. Using the system it’s possible for Wocozon to have tenants experience the benefits of solar power and contribute to more sustainable social housing.

Restructuring of Werkendam

The Brabant Development Agency involved StrateGis in the restructuring of the business district Werkendam. StrateGis supported this project using the Urban Developer. The spatial program and design is linked to the land lease. The plans were presented to stakeholders in interactive workshops so the tool also contributed to better communication, marketing and support.

Location study Wind turbines Lansingerland (2014)

Commisioned by the Metropolitan area Rotterdam we determined which locations are suitable for placing wind turbines within the municipality of Lansingerland. For this study all restricting conditions for placing turbines had to be categorized and visualized using GIS-analyses. Combining all restrictions led to unrestricted areas which are suitable for turbine placement.

Location Scan Overgoo (2014)

With support of the Location Scanner the development potential of business park Overgoo in Leidschendam has been reviewed. An inventarization was made of all preconditions connected to the project and entered in our GIS-analysis system, the Urban Developer. Subsequently three development scenarios were created and also entered into the Urban Developer.

Floriade 2022

The Dutch city of Almere will be hosting the Floriade World Expo, using the motto: Floriade Growing Green. Together with the horticultural sector, inhabitants, policy makers and urban professionals from around the world, Almere will be building a world stage to exhibit the Green City. This will also be the basis for a new and green city district: Almere Floriade. In cooperation with the municipality of Almere and MVRDV (a Dutch architectural firm), StrateGis developed the financial calculations needed for drafting the Bidbook.


Commissioned by the Development Agency Utrecht we created an area information system of the Lage Weide business park. All, for the Development Agency Utrecht, relevant information is gathered in this system in a user-friendly web interface.

SKB (2013)

StrateGis, in cooperation with Ambient, developed a tool with which the impact of energy measures can be mapped and quantified for the Dutch foundation for knowledge development and exchange in underground planning (SKB) . See the following link (Dutch):

OVG Re/developers (2013)

StrateGis supports OVG Real Estate Re-developers with urban development strategies like the area of Vijfsluizen in the Metropolitan area Rotterdam. Of course we use the Urban Developer software to provide support.

Municipality of Meppel (2013)

Commissioned by the municipality of Meppel StrateGis supports an update to the development strategy of the area known as Nieuwveense Landen. The entire project was entered into the Urban Developer software to inventarize and analyze all preconditions and suggested strategies.

Municipality of Zoetermeer (2010)

The Municipality of Zoetermeer adopted the Urban Developer officially through a software license agreement. StrateGis delivers additional training and services in financial analysis and spatial development.

Port of Rotterdam (2012-2015)

We support this project organization with software and services. All relevant area information for instance, will be implemented into the StrateGis Urban Developer so quick scenario analysis is possible. The project entails the (re)development of 1600 hectares of harbor area in Rotterdam..

NL Agency (2011)

Commisioned by NL Agency from the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, StrateGis developed an area operations model. The model is a web based tool for integrated landuse, real estate and management operations.

IHS (2011)

For the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, StrateGis developed an educational version of the Urban Developer Software. Based on this software we also created an educational package, including manuals, lectures and training sessions. Supporting tools include a newly developed website:

Beverwijk (2011)

In cooperation with Roosemalen en Savelkoul (a management and consultancy firm for government and NGO’s in spatial development) we support the the municipality of Beverwijk in operations calculations and analyses.

Almere 2030 (2010)

A quote from Bart Teulings, programme manager Almere 2030:

  • In the coming years we will implement the agreements made in the framework with the central government in a number of partnerships. To manage the development we have chosen for the StrateGis Urban Developer. We count on an improvement in quality and the saving of time in choosing the StrateGis approach.

Ilocator (2011)

Ilocator is a regional development agency with the aim of maintaining and improving business in de region Gooi en Vechtstreek and providing the companies with a better development potential. Commissioned by Ilocator StrateGis created a business park monitor.

Municipality of Zoetermeer (2009)

Optimalization of the redevelopment of a 1960’s neighbourhood is supported by StrateGis using design and calculation sessions.

Commissioners: Municipality of Zoetermeer and social housing associations De Goede Woning, Vestia and Vidomes.

Port of Rotterdam (2011)

The Port Authority signed a Software License Agreement for the Urban Developer, the supporting tool in their business cases.

Programme Bureau Rijswijk Zuid (2010)

This large scale project is using the Urban Developer as the main tool for providing spatial and financial analyses for the next 10 years. StrateGis provides licenses, training and support services.

TCN (2012)

The StrateGis Urban Developer is in use to model all projects of TCN, which makes quick land value estimations of redevelopment alternatives possible. Next to this an area and management operations model is being developed.

Railway corridor Delft (2011)

Optimization urban developement Railway Corridor Delft. The Urban Developer, in combination with the Urban Decision Room (Delft TU), is in use to create an optimal development.

Stadium Park (2010)

A pilot project with the Urban Developer has started for the Development Agency Rotterdam. The feasibility of several alternatives will be researched. The project is a pilot to establish implementation of the Urban Developer Software in the Development Agency Rotterdam.

Sustainable Westergouwe (2009)

Coordination of a sustainability process and application of the Urban Developer in this large scale housing project (4000 dwellings). The Urban Developer Software has been linked to the Sustainability Profile of a Location-Software.