Use (open) data for area development

Setbacks and obstacles: they are part of construction and life. But the sooner you see them, the easier you can solve them. That not only saves money but also frustration. I remember a construction project that involved drawing and planning for a year and a half when we were allowed to visit our Area Developer software. We did what we were asked for: from various open (data) sources – from zoning plans to DINO – we entered data into our system to map the plan area as fully as possible. The intention was to use this 3D visualization as a starting point to calculate all possible scenarios, in order to achieve optimal implementation of the original plan. But it didn’t come to that. During the insertion of the various information layers, a 380 kV high-voltage cable appeared on the screen, which appeared to run across the area. Bye, bye plan.

The 3D Cityplanner shows (open) data and analyzes new construction projects

Now, this is an extreme example. But at all levels of a construction project applies: every risk that you can exclude, every possibility that you can weigh, every obstacle that you can remove or evade is – literally! – profit. Time is money. On-time, even more money.

Together with the customer, we use the 3D Cityplanner to map out all chances and possibilities for a construction project in a clear and well-arranged manner. This also means that we include all possible setbacks and obstacles. And preferably not until after a year and a half.

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